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Propane Products & Services Near Pagosa Springs, CO

Residential Propane Services

Whether you’re using propane to cook your favorite meal on the stove or need to keep your house nice and warm during the winter, you can always count on us to deliver. In addition, our complimentary Gas Safety Check will help ensure your system is safe and leak-free.
Our customers trust Selph’s Propane for quality propane products and services, including:

  • Tank Sales & Installation (Above or Underground): We offer tank sales and expert installation services to cater to your specific needs, whether you prefer an above-ground or underground tank solution. Our seasoned professionals ensure a seamless setup process, bringing warmth and comfort right to your doorstep.

  • Propane Appliances and Grills: Elevate your home with the efficiency and convenience of propane-powered appliances and grills. Selph's Propane offers a versatile range that promises superior performance and energy savings so you can experience the joy of cooking with ease.

  • Propane Fireplaces: Transform your living space into a cozy haven with our exquisite propane fireplaces. Selph's Propane offers a stunning collection that not only adds charm but also serves as an efficient heating source.

  • Heaters and Furnaces: Stay snug all year round with our premium heaters and furnaces. With trusted brands like Empire, Mr. Heater, and Rinnai, Selph's Propane ensures your comfort is never compromised. Our extensive selection includes on-demand tankless water heaters and patio heaters for tailored solutions that cater to your heating needs.

  • RV Hoses: Our supply of RV hoses, regulators, and custom hoses ensure your propane system operates flawlessly. Count on us for durable hoses that prioritize safety and efficiency, so you can enjoy your propane-powered amenities worry-free.

  • Weed Burners: Tackle outdoor maintenance effortlessly with our efficient propane-powered weed burners–an eco-friendly solution to manage unwanted vegetation and make outdoor upkeep a breeze.

Commercial & Industrial Propane Services

In addition to residential uses, Selph’s Propane customers leverage propane for a variety of commercial situations. When it comes to serving the needs of your business, the last thing you want to worry about is your propane service. That’s why our reliable experts are here to serve you with large-scale propane solutions so you can rest assured that you’ll have propane when your business needs it the most.
Some of the commercial uses for propane include:

  • Construction Heaters: Efficient heaters designed to make your construction site productive and comfortable, no matter how long or temporary. Our specialized construction heaters are designed to deliver reliable warmth in the most demanding environments. With the prowess of propane, our heaters ensure optimal temperature control to allow for comfort and efficiency.

  • Commercial Heating: Enhance your commercial and business spaces with the versatility of propane-powered heating. We offer a comprehensive range of heating products to meet every professional need.

  • Propane Generators: Unpredictable power outages can't stop your business when you have Selph's Propane on your side. Our propane generators offer a robust and dependable source of backup power, ensuring your operations continue without interruption. Whether you run a small enterprise or a large commercial facility, our propane generators provide the energy security you need.

Propane Dual Fuel System

Dual Fuel is a propane injection system that can be easily retrofitted on diesel and gasoline engines, and results in improved Miles-Per-Gallon (MPG), reduced fuel costs, cleaner oil and reduced emissions.
This innovative design is only activated when the engine is running. Installation requires no permanent modifications to the vehicle or engine. The idle circuit quiets the engine and reduces emissions.


  • Can increase your Miles-Per-Gallon up to 25%

  • Boost pressure activated

  • Reduces exhaust emissions

  • Increases Power and Torque

  • Provides Cleaner Oil

  • Increased interval between DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) regeneration

  • Improves combustion efficiency from 75% up to 95%

  • Monitors boost pressure and Jake Brake

  • Does not interfere with the Engine Management System (EMS)

Selph's Propane Dual Fuel


  • Our technician can install the system in approximately 4 hours, depending on the location of the propane tank. In the event you would like to install the system yourself, detailed instructions are provided with the system.

  • No connection to the vehicle's computer or cooling system, or remapping or the vehicle fuel system. It is controlled, activated and proportionate to the boost pressure of the engine.



  • The Dual Fuel system works by introducing Propane (LPG) into a turbo charged diesel engine. The propane is injected in the fresh air charge prior to the turbo charger. Propane is delivered in a vapor form via the Dual Fuel's metering system. The amount of Propane injected is based upon the boost pressure of the engine. Propane acts as an accelerant, promoting a more even burn of the diesel fuel. This evening effect provides a more complete combustion of the diesel fuel. The result is more power, better fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

  • Propane itself will NOT self ignite in a compression ignition diesel engine. On the power stroke of a diesel engine, diesel fuel is injected initiating combustion, which in turn ignites the Propane/air mixture in the chamber. The result of this action: rather than a violent, rapid explosion in a concentrated area where the fuel is injected, a more even, smooth burn takes place in the entire chamber further down the power stroke, thus utilizing more of the diesel fuel charge.

  • Fuel efficiency can be significantly increased by the vapor injection system with the accelerated evening effect of combustion. The diesel engine becomes more efficient by burning more of the diesel fuel charge in each compression stroke. Combustion efficiency is increased from approximately 75% to 95%. This leads to emission reductions including PM (particulate matter or black smoke) and NOx (oxides of nitrogen). The majority of the unburned diesel fuel that would normally be expelled out the exhaust or drop back into the crankcase is now burned thus generating more energy per gallon of diesel fuel used. The mechanical or electronic fuel injection system will adjust the diesel fuel trim (amount of fuel injected) to achieve the same RPM which results in less diesel fuel needed to perform the same function. When the typical diesel engine is under full load, the fuel system can only inject a given amount of fuel as determined by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). By introducing the proper amount of propane to the combustion chamber under full load, more of the existing diesel fuel injected is burned safely. This results in a dramatic increase in horsepower and torque without risk to the engine.

  • The Dual Fuel system does NOT interfere with emissions equipment on the engine, nor does it interfere with on-board diagnostics. There is no connection to the ECU (Electronic Control Module) or remapping of the fuel system required.



  • Most Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) engine warranty programs do not prohibit the use of aftermarket parts or technologies. In brief, the policy of the OEM's is that they neither recommend nor endorse aftermarket technologies: however, the use of the products does not automatically void the validity of the engine warranty. If the cause of failure is unrelated to the propane system, OEM's have historically honored the warranty.

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